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BG 500


The PAULMICHL agitator BG 500 is used for mechanical and powerful support in fermenters.


Due to this, an optimal positioning of the agitator in relation to the substrate of the tank is possible, even if the level in the secondary fermentation tanks or gas-tight final storage tanks changes.

For use in high-pressure tanks in particular, this adjustment device is second to none. With an agitator-blade diameter of 600 – 840 mm, the BG500 provides a powerful but nevertheless low-noise transmission by means of a toothed (gear wheel) belt drive. As an option, the agitator can be supplied with a universal joint shaft drive-through for use with tractor drive. The agitator BG500 is used to mechanically and powerfully support the homogenization process in fermenters, mainly in the solid entry area. Due to the use of a high-quality sealing unit on the mounting plate of the tank, it is possible to operate the agitator in secondary fermentation tanks at various heights.

The sealing on the agitator can also be monitored by means of an oil expansion chamber. The high quality sealing on the agitator’s shaft with the SIC/SIC mechanical seal is also a feature of the BG500. The standard piping for the PAULMICHL agitator BG500 has an overall length of approx. 5.00 m. On request a shorter or longer version can be supplied. In addition, a very robust scraping knife ensures long-term quietness during agitator operation.



  • Agitator blade diameter 600 - 840 mm, material thickness 8.00 mm

  • Agitator mounting with anti-vibration bearings, fixed to an installation bracket

  • Powerful but nevertheless low-noise transmission by means of toothed (geared) belt drive

  • Drive shaft with multiple ball bearings running in an oil bath

  • High quality agitator shaft seal with SIC/SIC mechanical seal

  • Oil expansion chamber for monitoring sealing

  • Very robust scraping knife for long-term quietness while the agitator is in use

  • Wall and ceiling installation with standard or custom-made mounting plate

  • User-friendly hydraulic adjustment system


BG500-V with motor and gearbox combination.

The agitator BG 500-V for mechanical and powerful support in fermenters is mainly used as an additional agitator for tanks which are only equipped with one agitator. The agitator is assembled according to individual need, with either a standard installation plate or a custom-made one for an existing ceiling opening. The agitator can also be supplied with an extensive range of additional equipment such as the motor-gear unit combination and the inspection window and much more. The multiple reinforcement of the gear unit guarantees reliable operation when demands are higher.


  • With motor and gearbox combination
  • Additional agitator for horizontally installed paddle agitator
  • Installation with core drilling Ø 700mm
  • Stepless 360° swivel range for optimum adaptation to the application area
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