Thinking about tomorrow now.

Biogas plants have established themselves as a key solution to renewable energy and sustainability challenges. They can be used to generate clean energy from organic waste and biomass, which in turn leads to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Biogas is an important component of future-oriented agriculture.

Good reasons for a biogas plant

For many agricultural businesses, getting into biogas technology is worthwhile in several respects.

  • The construction of a biogas plant can counteract market-related fluctuations in milk and raw material prices.
  • Biogas plants with an installed capacity of 99-150 kW are among the most economically attractive and environmentally friendly investments among renewable energies in Germany.
  • By operating these plants, a considerable reduction in climate-relevant methane emissions can be achieved, which would otherwise be produced during liquid manure storage.
  • Our plants in the owner-builder model are particularly profitable due to the fact that you can contribute to the planning and construction phase yourself. We are at your side with our technically competent experts.
  • Our plants are particularly lucrative due to the high proportion of liquid manure and dung as well as feed residues from animal husbandry or residual materials from agricultural operations.


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