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Slurry Tanks



The containers consist of corrugated and bent steel plates, hot-dip galvanized and coated on both sides, which are bolted together on site to form circular rings.

The permanent tightness is ensured by a permanently elastic plastic band, which is inserted into the plate joints during the assembly of the individual steel plates.

The tank floor is formed by a reinforced concrete base which is concreted after the complete steel plates have been installed and which is connected to the tank wall by means of floor anchors.

Due to the corrugation, tanks with Hamco corrugated steel are flexible and stable, so that they can be installed completely or partially in the ground or on a slope. The standard silo is installed in the ground to a maximum depth of 80 cm to protect the foundation from the effects of frost and heat. The earth installation or the embankment should be carried out at the same height all around. The stackable silo is a tank consisting of a ring, the wall thickness of which is designed in such a way that it can be stacked later.

The static calculation provides information on whether the respective tank can be raised or not. A tank that is placed above the ground in such a way that the base point, that the transition of the subbase to the wall which can be seen, is called an elevated silo. In this case, a frost protection ring must be created before the clean layer is created. Tanks which are completely or partially built into the ground are deep silos. The walls of these silos are calculated in such a way that they can be built completely into the ground except for the drive-in protection (30 cm high). The statics provides a circumferential, even installation in the ground. Silos located on a slope, which are flanked on one side or free-standing on one side, are generally designed with a wall thickness of 3.00 mm or more in the upper and lower ring. In this case, a separate slope analysis is carried out.


  • Various designs possible as underground/ elevated tank or on a slope
  • Tank can be extended later in the storage area by adding more storeys
  • Accessories pumping and agitating technology/ tank cover
  • Dismantling and resale possible
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