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Manure tanks and manure technology for the agriculture


In the fields of homogenization, pumping, storage and separation, we provide you the right solution with our extensive delivery programme. We can guarantee efficient manure management for cattle slurry, bull slurry, pig slurry and liquid manure from poultry farming.

Over 45 years ago, we created the first steel tank for the storage of municipal sewage sludge and agriculture products. This modular construction system is still worldwide in use within a wide variety of applications.

When storing liquid manure, there are some things to consider depending on the size and orientation of the farm and due to the regulations. Odour emissions from the liquid manure are a major issue. They are not only disturbing for residents and the environment, but also have to be prevented by the legislator in some areas. For this purpose, we and our partner offer an emission-reducing membrane roof that prevents manure emissions. The filling of the manure tank and the removal of the manure from the manure silo are also aspects that should be considered when planning a manure storage facility.

We offer various options for the filling and removal technology. It is possible to remove the manure through the tank wall or to guide it over it. Likewise, the liquid manure can be filled and removed via the tank wall. There are also different versions of the classic barrel filling station. To ensure safety when working on the manure silo, working platforms or fixed ladders are part of the delivery programme.



Where slurry is produced, it needs to be mixed and pumped. We offer a wide range of manure technology, pumps and flushing line systems, so that the manure can be reliably homogenized and pumped underneath the barn. Furthermore we are offering an extensive range of submersible agitators as well as long-shaft agitators for stationary and mobile use. In the field of pump technology, we are providing submersible cutting pumps, original BEHAM mixer pumps and submersible motor pumps in many different type variations. In addition, rotary pumps and progressive screw pumps are as well a part of our product range.

Over 30 years of Expirience


We have been working in the field of manure separation since more than 30 years.

We have incorporated this experience gained over many years into further developments of our models and model variations in recent years.

As a result, we do manufacture high-quality separators and are one of the market-leading suppliers.


Use the advantages of separating and relieve your manure storage a facilities, produce animal bedding and benefit from the better fertilizing effect of separated manure. Separators are nowadays an important prerequisite for modern manure management.


PM 200 / 260 / 300

Stationary separator unit

PM 200 / 260 / 300

The mobile separator of the PM200 compact series is an entry-level model for mobile separation.

Tower Mixers

The tower mixer (Turmix) – PTO agitator is used for homogenizing high tanks.

Get an overview of our different areas and let our reference installations convince you.


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