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Reliable components are needed to optimally utilize liquid manure, plant residues from the agricultural industry, or food leftovers and organic waste for energy production. We have been offering high-quality components for biogas plants for many years. Whether for new equipment, plant expansions or optimizations, our reliable technology is appreciated. That is why plant operators, plant manufacturers and research institutions are among our customers.

Durability and convenient operation are further features of our components.


Our large blade agitators Mammut, Multimix and MaMix are used worldwide with great satisfaction due to their agitating performance, especially in repowering, large tanks and changing fill levels. The individual installation option guarantees reliable homogenization in all container variants.

With our pumping, agitating and separation technology, we can help you optimize gas yields and significantly reduce operating costs by increasing efficiency.



The area of pump technology is a very important factor for the trouble-free and reliable operation of any biogas plant.

For this purpose, we offer you submersible cutting pumps, original BEHAM mixer pumps and submersible motor pumps in many different model variants. In addition, rotary lobe pumps and progressive screw pumps with optional foreign body separation, as well as special pump technology for liquid injection, are also part of our delivery programme. The central pumping stations of the biogas plants are equipped with manual or fully automatic shut-off and slide valve technology. In addition, our delivery programme includes complete pumping systems for separators, shut-off and slide gate technology as well as high-performance barrel filling technology, extraction lines and stations. Individual special solutions are made to measure. Overflow lines in the open channel are made of stainless steel.

Constant fermenter temperature due to internal heating systems.

Heating Systems

For the fermentation process to run optimally, the temperature in the fermenter must be easy to regulate and kept permanently constant. The heat transfer must be as direct and continuous as possible. For these reasons, we manufacture, supply and install the fermenter heating exclusively from completely high-quality stainless steel. The robust and long-lasting material guarantees reliable heat transfer throughout the entire fermenter. In contrast to heaters made of plastic, this is resistant to organic acids and much less prone to failure.

External heating system for fermenter


The BioHeat heat exchangers are designed in such a way that they can be easily installed at any biogas plant. They serve as fermenter heaters and for hygianization. The different sizes allow for a demand-oriented design. The high-quality insulation made of Firocover ensures reliable outdoor use, as the plastic mats do not absorb water.


Panorama sight glasses for fermenters, post digesters and final storage tanks enable significantly improved visual control of the fermentation process and homogenization in closed tanks.

The enlarged field of vision facilitates an optimal spatial assessment of the conditions within the tank. PAULMICHL inspection windows set new standards in monitoring and above all in optimizing the efficiency of agitators through adjustment measures under perfect optical control.

processing and separating


At the end of the fermentation process is the beginning of the fermentation residue processing. For this purpose, the press screw separators as well as screen drum separators are suitable for separating solids and liquids.

The fermentation residues to be separated are conveyed into a stainless steel screen basket, where a press screw permanently cleans the screen from the inside. In this way, the liquid flows off through the screen and the solids are transported towards the ejector. The mechanically adjustable counterpressure regulates the desired dryness of the solids. The screen drum separators consist of a rotating perforated screen. The medium to be separated is separated by an application roller and further hydraulically controlled pressure rollers.

A special scraper removes the separated fibres and solids from the drum and they are discharged from the machine unit by a chute plate.


For many farms, the entry into the biogas technology is worthwhile in several respects. The construction of a biogas plant can counteract market-related fluctuations in milk and raw material prices. Our plants in the builder´s model are particularly profitable due to the high proportion of slurry and manure as well as feed residues from animal husbandry or residues from agricultural operations. The digestate from biogas plants is used as agricultural fertilizer. They are more compatible for plants than raw manure, the nitrogen availability is higher and the odor less intense.


Fermenter agitator

The fermenter agitator type MAMMUT convinces in practical use with an unsurpassed agitation performance even with high dry substance content.

Submersible motor pumps & centrifugal pump

The submersible motor pumps of the PTS series are used for pumping manure, biogas manure, sewage sludge, waste water and similar media, some of which contain solids.

Panorama inspection windows & Bioheat

Panorama inspection windows for fermenters, secondary fermentation and final storage tanks allow for a significantly better optical control of the fermentation and homogenization process in closed tanks.


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