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Municipal wastewater engineering

Wastewater technology is increasingly faced with new challenges due to incalculable solids. The proportion of solids due to hygiene products in private households is increasing. Even more uncontrollable is the situation in public buildings, shopping centers, railroad stations or hospitals. Therefore, operationally reliable systems that are absolutely unobtrusive to clogging are the right solution.

More than 45 years ago, we created the first steel tanks for the storage of municipal sewage sludge and for agriculture. This modular construction system is still in use worldwide in a wide variety of applications.

Stainless steel products


Stainless steel withstands even the most extreme conditions and is ideally suited for the construction of various basins, tanks and add-on elements, fittings on wastewater treatment plants and municipal sewage plants. Our pumping and agitating technology as well as our separators ensure trouble-free and reliable plant operation.



In order to process sewage sludge more dryly and thus more efficiently, we manufacture press screw separators which serve to separate solids from liquids. The sewage sludge to be separated is conveyed into a stainless steel screen basket, where an armored press screw permanently cleans the screen from the inside. As a result, the liquid flows off through the screen and the solids are transported towards the discharge. The hydraulically adjustable back pressure regulates the desired dryness of the solids.

Constant digester temperature due to internal heating systems.


In the field of agitating technology for wastewater plants, our performance spectrum ranges from the powerful submersible motor agitator to the corrosion-resistant full stainless steel agitator and the energy-saving three-blade agitator. With our broad portfolio, we can ensure your desired agitation performance for sludge flocs, sludge, fibers, etc. In terms of pumps, the portfolio includes positive displacement pumps (rotary lobe pump, progressing cavity pump) as well as submersible pumps.

We offer a wide range of high quality industrial pumps, which are used in various industrial processes and guarantee a smooth operation. Our product range includes submersible aeration systems, submersible cutting pumps, original BEHAM mixer pumps, submersible motor pumps in many different model variants, as well as rotary lobe pumps and eccentric screw pumps.

Our submersible mixers and long shaft mixers are designed for flow generation and flow maintenance in retention, denitrification or aeration tanks. Our products impress with high quality, durability and robustness.


Panorama inspection windows & Bioheat

Panorama inspection windows for fermenters, secondary fermentation and final storage tanks allow for a significantly better optical control of the fermentation and homogenization process in closed tanks.

Tower Mixers

The tower mixer (Turmix) – PTO agitator is used for homogenizing high tanks.

Submersible motor pumps & centrifugal pump

The submersible motor pumps of the PTS series are used for pumping manure, biogas manure, sewage sludge, waste water and similar media, some of which contain solids.


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